How to Authentically Connect to
your Audience
Learn how to create/write/craft a message that organically connects with your audience without the need to sell.

Where your words land softly but with Deep Impact.  Your audience feels Heard, Seen and Validated and this develops a deep relationship of trust.
You no longer have to sell yourself – you ARE the Vibration of Authentic Heart Speak

Have you yearned for that deep heart/soul connection with yourself and to surround yourself with other like minded people in business and life – or have you constantly encountered those who say words, but the words do not line up and produce the results they claim?  Did that leave you feeling frustrated, angry? Triggering doubt on your ability to create a business and lifestyle you so desire?  You are not alone. The old ways of doing business are over.  When we take to focus OFF sales & money – and place it on authentic connection with people … the money just flows organically.

Your vibration IS the New Economy

Words have a Frequency, Vibration and a Tone and this is made up of your inner dialogue … if your intent is to deliver content with the agenda of selling – your audience FEELS it and they put up Defence, Resistance and PUSH Back – you then have to work hard to create your income.

By connecting and validating your audience they feel safe to open up to what you offer, they know it is about THEM and you are there to support, help and make their lives easier, so they can be successful.

Deep Heart Connection is the New Black

Long after words are said the person does not remember the words but they remember HOW you made them FEEL.

When words are delivered from the MIND they land hard, creating resistance and push back – when words are 100% vibrationally matched to your core message the audience FEELS the vibration and relaxes into the experience and the connection is easy, fun and heart felt.

‘Authentic Heart Speak’ is first experiencing a Zero Point Heart Healing – this releases aeons of heart wounding so you can let go of expectations, old ways of doing things and deliver content from your heart in a very deep and authentic way.
Then we look at how your words and language within your message/delivery – is it aligned to your core values/ message – or are you saying words that do not vibrationally match the desired outcome.

We look at your branding, your appearance on camera – is it all vibrationally aligned to you as a whole authentic Heart Centered Entrepreneur or Speaker

We can no longer fake it – we can no longer say words that are not vibrationally congruent to the content we are delivering

People want DEEP heart connection in all areas of their lives and they want businesses that do not require 60 to 80 hours a week to make an income. They are looking for quality income doing what they love and paid what they are worth with Ease & Grace.

However, first it requires Self Awareness and aligning of your own core values and the relationship you have around self worth, value and money – What we find with the Zero Point Heart healing is that all the crud that was holding you back is dissolved and a relationship of deep inner happiness and gratitude bubbles up  creating absolute trust in the workings of the Universe with a deep believe in Self – a huge pressure to perform is released.

The frequency you are vibrating AT will determine if people are drawn organically to you or not – Do they want to be around you and do your workshops, courses and to work with you without the constant need to market AT them – if this resonates then join us.
If your marketing is not organically converting then you are vibrating lower and this means working harder – your subconscious mind is in control creating doubt, confusion and procrastination.
At Authentic Heart Speak it is about learning to speak in feeling words that are a Vibrational Match to your audience.  When you tell your story from the wounded vibration it impacts on the audience in a negative vibration – whereas when you communicate your story from a Healed perspective you deliver content in an Authentic Vulnerability that the audience totally relates to.  Whereas when communicated from the wounded story vibration it draws the audience into the pain story creating more pain, more struggle, more confusion and more procrastination – we are looking to lift our audience higher, to be more productive, more results oriented so it is a win win for all.

When you have a consistently high vibration that is 100% aligned to your ideal client then it is easy, smooth and just flows which do you prefer. Come join us as we build the Authentic Heart Speak Pods (Master classes of 6 people where we support each other to thrive in business and Life). A Zero Point Heart speaker can heal the room just with the Vibration they are speaking at. We will be starting the Authentic Heart Speak – training shortly if you are interested please contact Jan-Marie … our MasterMind pods are 6 people only to build and support