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Colour me Awesome

 From Drab to FAB

Many years ago, after a painful divorce, I found myself slipping more into me … not in a good way.  I began to dress in monochromatic colours, longer skirts, hair pulled back in a pony tail.  My pot-plants stayed outside in the fernery.  I was dying on the inside and my outside reflected my state of mind.

All during this time I was exploring transformational healing … then as though the sun came out I stopped and looked around me – there was no colour in me.  I had lost my vitality, my mojo.  People has stopped talking to me, life had become drab.  There was no joy or hope and no colour.

This was not what I imagined my life would look like – how had it gone from a successful author, top sales person and CEO of an Aviation company, married, happy and excited about endless new possibilities Continue reading Colour me Awesome

De-Constructed Planning

De-Constructed Planning

Your Pathway to Wealth with Ease

♥©♥ 2014 Jan-Marie Brooke

The quality of the answers you seek, … is in the quality of the questions you ask .

In 2007 as the GFC began is onslaught onto the global economy … many questions were asked and more than likely very few acceptable answers came forth.  It was after I had sold and purchased two properties within 12 months and found my finances stretched … I sat back and reviewed my decisions, my experiences and the outcomes of those decisions of the past year and how to move forward I posed a question to the Universe.

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