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Heart 'n Soul Entrepreneurs changing business
Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneur changing Business one Heart at a Time.

I have been challenged around writing this next blog post – in fact I have fallen behind.  Yet I know if it is not flowing it is because all the information is not downloaded and ready to be seen.  This year has already been amazing!

In January 2015 there was a huge shift in energy around business.  To recap:  In 2014 I lost my business mojo … my passion for what I do because no matter what I did people could not ‘hear’ what I did. There were a few reasons for this. To me I felt I had lost my passion, and someone said to me that the word passion was Christ on the Cross – so I went looking for another word to describe that feeling/expression.  I came up with vitality … and as I tapped into the energy around that word I heard ‘UnLeash the Colour in YOU’.

Heart ‘n Soul.

It was like I shot through a portal into this amazingly high vibrational energy … and I knew this is what I had been talking about and working toward since the GFC in 2007.  As I added in outrageous colour into my website – all my products etc., took on this amazing frequency.  I had never felt so alive, vibrant and oh so deeply heart connected.

Colour has a high frequency, vibration and tone – it INCREASES you attractiveness, your awesomeness – it allows you to shoot for the stars and shine authentically.  It is the vehicle that you can hop on board and it will lift you and carry you forwards.

Most people loved the colour and vibrancy of my website … and others thought it was horrible and not professional and encouraged me to tone it down.

Well here’s the thing.  In 2007 the ‘Contract to create Wealth via Duality was complete for Humanity’.  In January 2007 we reached a no-turn-back point where our businesses need to be created in the frequency of the ‘New Energy of Creation’.  The Universe is calling  leaders to step forward and step up into this New Energy of Creation as authentic heart ‘n soul entrepreneurs who can begin the change of the old paradigms in business.

Here is the challenge.  We have a whole generation of  audacious entrepreneurs who get the heart ‘n soul connection however, they may not yet have the wisdom to understand all the parameters of what is unfolding.  This generation of amazing men and women are tech savvy, they get social media and they thrive on marketing and being heard, seen and are fearless in what they charge.  We need these audacious entrepreneurs – however they also need the wisdom of the older generation who have been prepared for a very long time for this shift in consciousness.  It is the yin and yang of Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneurship.

Somehow it needs to unite … because at the moment there is more focus on charging high fees, wanting everything to be very structured, time managed because they are whipping out dozens of new concepts to make even more money at such a speed that it does my head in.  Yesterday I attended a webinar … within minutes my head was spinning from the frenzied energy of scarcity selling.  This is NOT the change we need.  We need a calm, balanced and easy approach – we need to unit the audaciousness with wisdom.

As I changed the colours on my website and my products changed in frequency it opened up so many long forgotten/hidden parts within me.  I tapped into deep core wounds around my business genetic lineage (my work is not painful) it is transformational and it is not a band-aid.   Yesterday on suggestion, I checked in with a entrepreneur who claims to be earning seven figures … her work is coaching women entrepreneurs around money.  I listened to her video and felt such frustration because it was bland, superficial and we what we need is deep hard core transformation if we are to be absolutely authentic Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneurs leading the way for transformation in business.

Transformation is not a dirty word, it is not painful or hard if you have the processes to emulate in your own healing.  I love processes, it gives me structure to identify, transform and move forward so fast. Once the issue is transformed it allows me to go with the flow.  This is the difference on structure.  One is creative, free flowing and the other is contractive.

I have set up a Facebook page Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneurs Business Community and apart from attracting those that this resonates with – its full purpose has not revealed as yet.  However I trust the process of unfoldment.  I do know that the time for pussy footing around with the Law of Attraction, affirmations etc. is long overdue to be put away and for us to embrace this new vibrant amazing energy that is full of colour that zings off the page or in this case website 🙂

I am writing this at 3 am so I hope it makes sense.  Love your feedback, leave those comments on the website and check out the FB page.  Or if you want to connect on this subject please message me.

PSS:  It is ALL about your energy signature now … and whether you like it or not, if there is unresolved issues around business, money and heart … then that reflects in your energy signature.  It is ALL about YOU … and the vibration you send out into the world.  And it is not about charging such high prices to scream to the world that you are awesome, because you charge a lot of money.  It is definitely time to rein in, be authentic,  grounded and unified.  What is the point of your wisdom and gifts if 90% of the people cannot afford to access them.  It IS about charging what you are worth, however, it is also about balance and being real.


Has the concept of Wealth & Prosperity matched the Dream you had for yourself?

Did you implement the Law of Attraction teachings and find something was still missing – I did, so I set about to find out why even though I was putting the time, energy, money and ALL of myself into creating financial freedom and brilliant success – I was getting lacklustre results.

It took many years to finally understand the whole picture.  It is about vibration and if our vibration is inconsistent then we simply keep missing the mark … we have some success and then not so much.  I wanted to create a program that drilled down super fast to get to the core of any Money Blocks … and to be able to keep a consistent high vibration around money to achieve Brilliant Life Success.  Come Join us on the 5 – Day challenge.




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