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Jan-Marie is the author of seven books, the creator of the powerful ‘Freedom to BE’ program that releases emotional stress in (4) minutes and several mind-set changing courses. She writes about transforming your life with ease, so you can live brilliantly, doing what you love. She lives with her food-smooching cat at one of the most beautiful beaches on the Sunshine Coast of AU. Facebook: inspiredpublishing. Twitter: inspiredpub

Are you a Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneur?

Are you a Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneur?
Heart 'n Soul Entrepreneurs changing business
Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneur changing Business one Heart at a Time.

I have been challenged around writing this next blog post – in fact I have fallen behind.  Yet I know if it is not flowing it is because all the information is not downloaded and ready to be seen.  This year has already been amazing!

In January 2015 there was a huge shift in energy around business.  To recap:  In 2014 I lost my business mojo … my passion for what I do because no matter what I did people could not ‘hear’ what I did. There were a few reasons for this. To me I felt I had lost my passion, and someone said to me that the word passion was Christ on the Cross – so I went looking for another word to describe that feeling/expression.  I came up with vitality … and as I tapped into the energy around that word I heard ‘UnLeash the Colour in YOU’. Continue reading Are you a Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneur?

Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneur

Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneur

The new ‘black’ in the world of business is Heart and Soul based businesses. The first network meeting I went to this year the room was absolutely chockers with them.  Yet are they?  A way back  I went to an amazing concert by a man who sang in 5 octaves we normally only use 4 and he was singing all the sacred names in Hebrew – so it promised to be an off the wall amazing experience.

Well I sat there in eager anticipation waiting for the energy to build.  And I waited and nothing happened.  I opened my eyes a bit to look around and everyone was blissed out. Oops why wasn’t I feeling it?  I thought Oh!  I just need to go deeper into my body, deeper into the energy and allow.    Still nothing! This had never happened.  At interval I slipped outside to find a quite spot and ask what was going on, why wasn’t I feeling it.  The answer:  There are different levels of heart resonance, there are different levels of integrity, different levels of ego responses and different levels of consciousness ( yeah I know you know that).

The learning unfolding here was about different levels of heart resonance. We tend to think that if the person is coming from their heart, then they are an exact vibrational match for us – not so.  When I first began this transformational journey 30 years ago, after a few months I ‘thought’ I knew enough to teach others.  Hmmm not quite, in fact it took many years of deep transformational healing to even come close to being authentic.

Because it is now fashionable to be known a heart-centred Entrepreneur we are seeing it everywhere, however not everyone is as authentic as would hoped.  For them it is a way to market to a new target market.  A way to make more money by languaging in a way that seduces the not so business savvy (heart ‘n Soul entrepreneur) into their corner.

Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneurs usually have one common denominator in that they are loving caring people who want to share their gifts with others to support and empower them.  They are happiest sitting squarely in middle of amazing energy with like-minded people.  Then at some point they realise that they need to embrace more of a business minded approach to what they offer.  This is when they hear the call of the savvy marketers who promise that they can take what they do and market it in a way that will make them thousands just like they do.  However, there is a big catch.  It has a different frequency and vibration to what the heart ‘n soul entrepreneur is comfortable with.  It begins subtly (been there done that) and they change one word of your website or marketing copy, then another, and another and soon it is their vibration and not yours.

It is like sitting at the edge of a beautifully smooth pond of water.  Throw a tiny pebble into the water and watch it begin to ripple out.  It is the same with what happens for Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneurs.   What may seem a magical match to get your work out there, begins with that small pebble, and very subtly the vibration changes and like quick sand it draws your vibration down to their level.  Challenges begin, clarity dims, vitality reduces and one day you wake up and think what the hell, this is not who I am, or what are my core values.  I feel like I am prostituting my values just to get my product/service out there into the market place so I can create a secure financial base.

So you withdraw, step back, wonder if you are really cut out for this in such a seemingly cut throat world of business.  Back into your own field of energy to regroup, recharge and recalibrate your vibrational frequency.  Recharged you once again step out, and it begins all over.  What is the answer for Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneurs who want to be absolutely, completely authentic and still have a foot in the business camp without selling your soul for money?

We need more Heart ‘n Soul business (Entrepreneur) communities so I have set one up on FB.  Until we come together in absolute authenticity we will continue to be swayed by the pseudo heart-centred entrepreneurs calling us into their web usually costing a heap of money in the process.  Heart ‘n Soul business is a different concept that requires transformation of deep core wounds to stand strong, grounded and open hearted in a very real sense.  Not talking the talk yet not walking the walk.  Come and join me and lets see where this goes.

The thing to remember is that each person who has a part to play in your business has an energy vibration and that contributes to the whole of your business.  If anyone one component is not in alignment with your core values as a whole, then it changes the frequency of your energy signature.  It is your energy signature that people respond to.

Money LOVES Me

Money LOVES Me … Yummy, Yummy Money

Money LOVES Me in Business

We all want to believe that love makes the world go around, yet in fact, whether we want it to be so or not – Money makes the world go around.  Me I want the whole world to be loving and generously so.  My heart and soul cries for love to be the highest denominator, the highest value 24/7, in our world …yet it is not so.  Why?  There is the trend to focus on making more money, or how to create more money, who will buy more products, what language will pull in more of the market share so people will buy more of ….

It is not my perspective and thankfully, there is now an emerging trend that is approaching business in a new more enlightened way … and it is gathering speed. Continue reading Money LOVES Me

Due Diligence in Business and Relationships

Due Diligence in Business and Relationships
 Due Diligence in Business and Relationships

Due Diligence in Relationships

When two people meet for the first time – there is a lot of sizing up.  Will I like this person, is this person someone I could fall in love with.  Or will we become good friends.  Alternatively in a business sense, can we do business together in a way that is in alignment with my values.

Often when there is chemistry between two people on that first meet, it is often interpreted to mean that this person is Mr or Mrs RIGHT! The fresh bloom of love is such an exciting time and we can get hooked straight up.

However it is actually a warning bell going off! Continue reading Due Diligence in Business and Relationships

#Biz Tip 1- Put more Colour into your Business

# Biz Tip #- Put more Colour into Your Business

UnLeash the Vitality in Your BusinessUnleash the Vitality in YOUR BusinessHas your business world feel a bit lack lustre of late.  It could be that you are lacking vitality and the quickest way to instil vitality back into your business is through the use of colour.  That may sound a bit odd – it is not. Continue reading #Biz Tip 1- Put more Colour into your Business

Manipulation & Control in Business

Manipulation & Control in Business.

Business Success Healing - Manipulation & Control

Is being genuinely supported, a challenge … especially in business. Does support come with a hidden agenda. If I do this for you then I ‘expect’ you to do that for me. Alternatively, if I give you ‘my time’ in any form – then I expect you will buy from me. In business the current flavour is to do free strategy sessions, however the agenda (most times) is to sell you into a high priced coaching programs – or some other form of high priced products. High prices does not always equal quality products. Continue reading Manipulation & Control in Business

Business ‘Success’ Healing

Business ‘Success’ Healing

Business SUCCESS Healing

Have you been challenged around Business Success

I thought I would show you how I approach Transformational Healing.

If you have been challenged around Business Success, Money and Relationships – it may be from a deep genetic memory.  Pushing forward, working hard to achieve success is often a pointer that there is something blocking you Shining, with ease. If you know you are hiding your brilliance then you might benefit from my experience.  I have been quite focused on re-launching my work after a break and it has been an interesting experience, as I watch and observe what is popping up for me to heal.  As I was writing the blogs on Denial, it came to my attention that I was in denial about how much I wanted to be successful.  This ‘denial’ had convinced me that wanted to retire and put my feet up.  Except that was a furphy. Continue reading Business ‘Success’ Healing

Conscious Communication – How important is it?

Conscious Communication – How important is it?

We we shove our emotions down and not transform them it creates conflict in communication.

The hidden side of energy that people perceive about you and make a judgement about you … before you even open your mouth.

Have you ever met someone you felt was “prickly”? Well they were. Unresolved emotional issues/beliefs  build up in the energy field preventing conscious communication.  They build up like little sharp points in the energy field and when your own energy field comes in contact with them, you feel a jab, like a needle jabbed into the skin. You may feel a reaction and step back, or even speak sharply to the other person, because even if they have not opened their mouths, you have perceived that you have just been attacked. Continue reading Conscious Communication – How important is it?

Is Self Denial – Sabotaging your Success

When we are in Self Denial we sabottage our Dreams and Our Success in Business Is Self-Denial sabotaging your Success

When we are in self-denial, especially around our business goals we are playing small. We are living life in mid-range neutral. Getting up to speed and then idling back into neutral again. Does this ring a bell?

Over the years of doing this myself, I had convinced myself that I was not really good at business. I was more of a creative sort, the writer, the creator of programs etc. Any excuse to gloss over what I was really in denial about. Continue reading Is Self Denial – Sabotaging your Success

Denial – Is someone you love in Denial

Is someone you know in Denial?

Denial keeps us trapped in Fear and Non-Action

Denial is a very interesting state of mind. It is the survival mechanism we humans use to survive painful situations in our lives. Unfortunately we have taken this mechanism to the extreme and for the most part live in a constant state of denial.

Most people lack understanding on how the long term effects of negating emotions can do to the human mind and body.  When we live in denial we tend to live life in neutral – never reaching that sense of  deep ‘inner fulfilment’.  There is always a sense that something is missing … and there is.  Denial is contractive, in that it pulls us inward.  It keeps us playing small. Continue reading Denial – Is someone you love in Denial