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‪It’s time to SHINE

It’s Time to SHINE – Are you Ready I know I AM.

2015 came speeding around the corner surprising many, including me.  Long-held dreams became unfolding fast and with ease.  Heart-Soul Entrepreneur’s stepped up and opened the doors to their wisdom … reached out to others to support, honour and acknowledge.

I personally left the drabness of 2014 – opened my heart to even greater depths and acknowledged I had lost my business mojo.  One word, just one word changed my life.  It was the word Vitality (I have written about this before) but honestly who would have thought one word could literally shoot you down a pathway of such rich vibrancy that my head is still spinning.  As I acknowledged I was not feel the vitality of life I heard … Continue reading ‪It’s time to SHINE

Authenticity or Plagiarism

Authenticity or Plagiarism  Plagerism or Authencity

Photographer Unknown

As we desire to become more authentic there are many areas that need transformation.  In the beginning we are more than happy if we can just begin to understand what makes us tick.  It is as though someone took off the lid and we have the ability to peep into the secret lives of ourselves.  When I first wrote ‘When Love Walks out the Door’, the night I posted all the discs off to the printer I sat down with a thump, it finally hit me what I had done.  I had just sent off to Australia’s largest printer, a book that included some very intimate aspects of my life.  I felt a wave of heat sweep me as I thought “Oh my!  What have I done…now everyone will know everything about me”… And as though wrapped into a cocoon of deep enveloping love I heard the words …”Dear one, it needs for someone to open the door of who they are to give others permission to open the door of their own lives so that all may heal”


We do not feel so alone when we know others are experiencing what we are feeling or experiencing, as it provides a sense of safety, allowing us to be vulnerable … in that vulnerability we are more prepared to open up.  In the opening up of our deepest feelings, fears and dreams we give ourselves permission to begin the process of embracing our Authentic Selves.

This journey of healing is unique as we each have different components that have made up our particular journey.  Although each story may have its unique blend of ingredients it does come down to some very basic components.


Each one of us desires to be loved, accepted and to live the life that we dream of.  Each one of us is doing the very best we can with what we have at our disposal at the time.  Each one of us in our very private moments believes that we are not good enough, smart enough, loveable enough or worthy enough to be the person we instinctively aspire to.

 We are surrounded by a society who at every level, reinforces that in some way we have not made the grade because we are less than perfect … day after day we are fed a diet of the importance of being slim, healthy, rich and successful and if you are not in a relationship then you must be defective.  Add to the equation news bulletins blasting out from every TV and radio that tell stories full of blame, hate and revenge, power and control games with mass destruction.  No wonder we are confused, it is in some ways a miracle that we can tap into the secret parts of ourselves to find our Authentic Selves.

Although it may be confusing we are indeed making progress, and in that progress there will be many interesting challenges that provide us with remarkable learning curves.

This blog is about creation through our own creative thought.  As we are challenged to move deeper into our hearts to clear the layers of debris that have held us prisoner of wounding, we begin to tap into our pure creative energy.  Pure creative energy comes from deep within the core of our hearts.  When we are challenged, stressed or in pain and anger it is because we have moved out of our heart space.  We have moved into imbalance and in that imbalance we move into blame, judgement and intolerance.  Our attention is caught by some action of another and so it is with me this moment.

I had a vision of what my next step was to be, and as a part of that vision it was about a group of people who could work together as individuals, however come together as a team, supporting each other’s unique talents and gifts and at the same time staying in integrity by honouring each persons unique contribution to create an evening of healing the heart through music, song, colour, vibrancy and profound energy and of course the Transformation Accelerators from the’ Living Brilliantly’ program.

Now anyone who has worked with a group knows that it can be challenging to get everyone to put aside their own ego to allow a true heart space to create from the heart in its purest form.  The launch of the ‘Living Brilliantly’ program had been one such event, each person coming together to create a night of magic where no one was considered more than the other.  It was a joy to be a part of such an event.

The Vision

The vision was to build upon that experience and to take it out further into the world to give others the experience of fun, colour, joy and healing in a simplistic and heart rejoicing way.  Except there was a challenge emerging!  Without going into the challenge I will talk instead of the learning curve presented.  It comes down to ‘where’ we gather our creative thoughts from.  With so much simulation around us it can be difficult not to pull into our own creative solutions the creative input of another.  It more blatant terms it is called plagiarism.  However as humans are so good at lying to themselves it is often considered just borrowing someone else’s creative thought.  As previously mentioned it has been a significant move forward to even have had the courage to look into the secret parts of Self, however now we are being asked to detach ourselves sufficiently so that we can differentiate between our own creative thoughts and the borrowing of others.

It all began with a recent visit to my printers office and he asked me if I had a Accelerator for ‘Evil’ … my printer is a fun guy and I just laughed and asked him why did he need a Transformation Accelerator for evil, he replied ‘I had this idea and so I called in someone to execute the idea and his price was a bit higher than I considered acceptable, so I declined his services only to find this morning that he had completely taken my concept as his own and was now marketing it’ …so I thought I would send him an evil card”…

I didn’t think much more of the situation until I was confronted with the same learning curve.  My first reaction was of outrage and amazement that the other person could be so completely in denial that they could not see the inappropriateness of their action…

The Transformation Accelerator for ‘Releasing Denial’ is also about Truth and Integrity as it adds a deeper dimension to the healing process.  Not only are we healing denial we are healing our issues around denying our own truth and integrity and by releasing the blocks/wounds of denial, truth and integrity we are truly creating the life we want.

The incident was on my mind in the wee hours and as I allowed the thoughts to run through my mind I realized how many times this in the past had I done the very same thing, without understanding how important it is to the journey of embracing our Authentic Selves.  When we borrow ‘creative thought’ from another person we are not in our integrity.  We are taking someone else’s intellectual copyright and that is the same as stealing.  If we are stealing then we are not in integrity to ourselves and therefore we are not truly in our hearts and this prevents us from embracing our Authentic Selves.

There is so much talk of coming from the heart, however there are many layers to this process and it will take us on many an interesting and convoluted journey until we understand the simplicity of it all. Unfortunately because of its convoluted maze it doesn’t seem at all simple.

How can we make it simple so we can get it, integrate it and heal this aspect of self.  I believe it comes down to honouring others and not feeling threatened by their accomplishments, no matter what they are. If we are feeling in any way reactive to the actions of someone, then the issues is with ourselves.  It means that at some level within us we are in denial and therefore we are not in truth and integrity to ourselves.

When we borrow another’s creative thought we are sending a message to ourselves that.  ‘I am not able to create this myself, therefore the other person must be more important, more creative and better than I am’.  Yet we are all capable of creating our own unique blend of creation.  In the beginning of any endeavour it is quite customary to copy from another, however, just how long do we keep up this practice?  When does it move from a learning transition to plagiarism?   It is quite normal to quote from another’s words provided there is a bibliography provided giving credit to the author’s and publisher’s works. When copying an artwork provided you do not sign the front of the artwork and only place your signature at the back that is acceptable.

When it comes to another person’s ideas  – that appears to become more of a grey area, except it is not, we all know deep within when we borrow another person’s ideas and execute them as our own, well most of us do I am sure.  Therefore it is simple, all we need to do is give that person the credit for creating the original idea.  Speak to them and ask them if it is okay to use their ideas provided you give them credit.  If you can’t speak to them directly then give written or spoken credit.  What is not okay is when we borrow another person’s original ideas and then pretend to everyone else that it is our original idea.  That is out of integrity to self and to the person to whom the concept was borrowed from.   We are being asked to fine tune our integrity issues.

I attracted into my space the experience of another being in denial of their lack of integrity because I have also been out of integrity to myself.  I may not have been acting out the same scenario at this point, however in the past I have and it simply means that now I am ready to own my part in a prior experience.  As I accept this aspect of myself and heal that, I can move forward more heart centered and therefore more in touch with my Authentic Self.

To go forward in the joy and love of self we cannot lie to ourselves about anything.  The moment we lie to ourselves or to another we are not in truth or in integrity and therefore we are not honouring the other person or our authentic selves.

It may seem such a simple issue, to borrow another’s creative thought, it is not.  It is the core of who we are as humans.  As pure creative thought comes from a pure healed heart it represents a healed humanity (if we can get the concept).  When we are ‘in the moment’ creating an artwork, music even cooking a sumptuous meal, whatever, we have moved all our judgments, fears and feelings of not good enough aside to allow the flow of pure creative energy to come through us.  At that moment we are truly in our heart space, we are honouring our unique gifts in allowing them to come through unimpeded.  To have a nation of people who are able to stay in that space of pure creative thought and action is a nation of souls who are embracing their Authentic Selves in egoless creation.  It is therefore important to understand the difference between of our own unique creative thought and creation and when we borrow someone else’s creative thought and take ownership as though it was our own.  Subtle but huge!

Although these experiences can be challenging it has been about laying down of the foundation for some very powerful work to come into concrete form.  As a humanity we have now come to a point where we can embrace the need to let go of our own particular stories and accept that each story comes down to a few base emotions, when we work with those base emotions the story loses its intensity.  We are truly moving into simplistic ways of healing. The Transformation Accelerators allow us to clear the issues before they become life challenges … this allows us time and energy to pursue our dreams.

 We are allowing the Higher Principals of healing to emerge into manifestation ~       We are embracing our Authentic Selves.

Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneur

Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneur

The new ‘black’ in the world of business is Heart and Soul based businesses. The first network meeting I went to this year the room was absolutely chockers with them.  Yet are they?  A way back  I went to an amazing concert by a man who sang in 5 octaves we normally only use 4 and he was singing all the sacred names in Hebrew – so it promised to be an off the wall amazing experience.

Well I sat there in eager anticipation waiting for the energy to build.  And I waited and nothing happened.  I opened my eyes a bit to look around and everyone was blissed out. Oops why wasn’t I feeling it?  I thought Oh!  I just need to go deeper into my body, deeper into the energy and allow.    Still nothing! This had never happened.  At interval I slipped outside to find a quite spot and ask what was going on, why wasn’t I feeling it.  The answer:  There are different levels of heart resonance, there are different levels of integrity, different levels of ego responses and different levels of consciousness ( yeah I know you know that).

The learning unfolding here was about different levels of heart resonance. We tend to think that if the person is coming from their heart, then they are an exact vibrational match for us – not so.  When I first began this transformational journey 30 years ago, after a few months I ‘thought’ I knew enough to teach others.  Hmmm not quite, in fact it took many years of deep transformational healing to even come close to being authentic.

Because it is now fashionable to be known a heart-centred Entrepreneur we are seeing it everywhere, however not everyone is as authentic as would hoped.  For them it is a way to market to a new target market.  A way to make more money by languaging in a way that seduces the not so business savvy (heart ‘n Soul entrepreneur) into their corner.

Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneurs usually have one common denominator in that they are loving caring people who want to share their gifts with others to support and empower them.  They are happiest sitting squarely in middle of amazing energy with like-minded people.  Then at some point they realise that they need to embrace more of a business minded approach to what they offer.  This is when they hear the call of the savvy marketers who promise that they can take what they do and market it in a way that will make them thousands just like they do.  However, there is a big catch.  It has a different frequency and vibration to what the heart ‘n soul entrepreneur is comfortable with.  It begins subtly (been there done that) and they change one word of your website or marketing copy, then another, and another and soon it is their vibration and not yours.

It is like sitting at the edge of a beautifully smooth pond of water.  Throw a tiny pebble into the water and watch it begin to ripple out.  It is the same with what happens for Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneurs.   What may seem a magical match to get your work out there, begins with that small pebble, and very subtly the vibration changes and like quick sand it draws your vibration down to their level.  Challenges begin, clarity dims, vitality reduces and one day you wake up and think what the hell, this is not who I am, or what are my core values.  I feel like I am prostituting my values just to get my product/service out there into the market place so I can create a secure financial base.

So you withdraw, step back, wonder if you are really cut out for this in such a seemingly cut throat world of business.  Back into your own field of energy to regroup, recharge and recalibrate your vibrational frequency.  Recharged you once again step out, and it begins all over.  What is the answer for Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneurs who want to be absolutely, completely authentic and still have a foot in the business camp without selling your soul for money?

We need more Heart ‘n Soul business (Entrepreneur) communities so I have set one up on FB.  Until we come together in absolute authenticity we will continue to be swayed by the pseudo heart-centred entrepreneurs calling us into their web usually costing a heap of money in the process.  Heart ‘n Soul business is a different concept that requires transformation of deep core wounds to stand strong, grounded and open hearted in a very real sense.  Not talking the talk yet not walking the walk.  Come and join me and lets see where this goes.

The thing to remember is that each person who has a part to play in your business has an energy vibration and that contributes to the whole of your business.  If anyone one component is not in alignment with your core values as a whole, then it changes the frequency of your energy signature.  It is your energy signature that people respond to.

Is Self Denial – Sabotaging your Success

When we are in Self Denial we sabottage our Dreams and Our Success in Business Is Self-Denial sabotaging your Success

When we are in self-denial, especially around our business goals we are playing small. We are living life in mid-range neutral. Getting up to speed and then idling back into neutral again. Does this ring a bell?

Over the years of doing this myself, I had convinced myself that I was not really good at business. I was more of a creative sort, the writer, the creator of programs etc. Any excuse to gloss over what I was really in denial about. Continue reading Is Self Denial – Sabotaging your Success

Clarity through Infinite Wisdom

Late yesterday I decided not to continue the blogging challenge.  The day had been one of exhaustion and a desire for all the crap in my world, the world to stop.  The cry so deep from within my soul to express itself in my complete truth felt stifled.  I had experienced the most amazing energy early this year … and yet as soon as I stepped into the business world again it was ripped apart by the density of that which is business.

It was hot so I went to the beach to read and enjoy the sea breeze, instead as I sat there this sadness began popping up.  Early this year as I said I went through an amazing heart healing in which I finally came out of denial and saw my ex-husband for what he was.  A man who lied to hide his dishonest behaviour.  For some bizarre reason I never acknowledged this.  I asked my best friend of 25 years had I ever mentioned that I thought he was having an affair.  No she said, never.  Even though I have had this amazing heart healing … there is more (our relationships give us the greatest opportunity to heal ourselves).  Layers of anger, hurt, disappointment etc had to surface as I realised this one event had robbed me of having a loving nurturing relationship in those 25 years because of the shame and guilt I felt after he placed the blame onto me for the marriage ending.

This unfoldment came about because someone close to me is having an affair with a married man.  She herself is single so there is not real issue there.  However, I could not let go of the lies this man was telling his wife to hide his dishonest behaviour.  It was sufficient to push my own experience to the surface for healing.

Then as I allowed the memories to bubble up … I began to remember all the other lies told by those in my family.  OMG it was rife and lies hurt.  They really hurt others so why on earth are we all so addicted to letting this go on.

We are on the precipice of an amazing opportunity to heal our hearts at such deep levels, but honestly the lies we tell ourselves need to stop.  I wonder what it is that we fear so much that these lies continue.  As I write I also gain clarity and so I asked myself the same question – What is it that I fear so much if I stop the lies to myself.  I hear

“You fear you will see the wonderous being that you are, your I am Source.  This scares you how powerful you are so you hide, you allow others to perpetrate the lies to hide their dishonest behaviour but at the same time you are doing the same thing.  You have been lying to yourself for so long.  You think you are Jan-Marie, the writer, the creator when in fact you have immense power to heal at such deep levels and you are denying this, you are denying others of this gift.  Stop lying, heal the pain, the rage at the disappointments that lies have given.

“Step out and if necessary over and BE proud to BE who you are.”

I sit here a bit stunned, and scared to be honest.  I know that my words come in a way that others hear the same words as the message is for them.  We really are being encouraged to stop the lies and step into our power.  The image I have chosen is how I feel right now.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring 🙂

Spiritual Divorce

Spiritual Divorce

2015 has brought forth some very interesting energy, amazing creative energy that has a brilliant vibrational frequency within it.  When you are sitting smack in the middle of this energy anything is possible.  It is an energy I have known would be available to us if we chose.  A new way of doing business, with Ease and Grace.  You couldn’t image how I have longed for this moment.  For me personally it has been 8 years in coming.

And yet as I came out of my cocoon of this amazing energy and once again join others it was like walking into a glass wall with a whammy.  Three times this has happened in a very short space of time.

During this time I was to experience an amazing heart healing.  I had been guided to see beyond my diffuser (sort of like rose-coloured glasses) and see my relationship with my ex-husband as it really was, not what I had thought it was.  From that came this amazing heart healing … and as I walked through this Emerald Doorway into the New Divine Heart Chakra (emerging) I awakened the colour in me and this explosion of energy came with it.

However, as it is in life, energy pulses and it wanes, it ebbs and it flows.  As I came out of my cocoon into the real world it dropped because I had not yet learned to stabilize it and maintain it.

The image on this post is Spiritual Divorce – Relationship completions.  It has been coming up a lot lately, not just for me but for others.  It appeared strongly for colleagues when I asked what was the ‘core wound’ to their hearts.  This morning it appeared again.  Yesterday I helped Nyree-Aine with her blog post on Spirituality so my first thought was hmmmm this is interesting – there is something we are hearing, yet not yet understanding.

Right now the planet Jupiter (money, expansion) is in a powerful position and a portal if you like has been opened for those who choose to leave the planet to do so with ease.  We are being asked to choose do we wish to continue with this journey of (spirituality) on this earth or leave.  I made my choice some time ago.

For almost as long as I have been fascinated by energy, emotions I have been fascinated by money.  I have watched with interest those who embarked on a spiritual journey of finding themselves, go into service to others with little or no financial return, stepping out into the market place and slavishly follow all the Business/Marking gurus models. Which never appealed to me.  I watched the increase of those offering transformational healing to people, to their businesses etc with no real understanding of the energy created.  I watched as yet again people peel away from me. as yet again. my vibration was changing.

This Transformation Accelerator, which is a part of the Second Level of the ‘Living Brilliantly’ program keeps wanting our attention.  My sense is following on with Nyre-Aine’s blog yesterday this is the next step.  Nyree-Aine has set up the ‘Unlearning Academy’ encouraging people to unlearn all that they have learned to get to the purity of what spirituality and life can be, if we allow it.

My journey has been around healing the heart. to allow this New ‘Divine Heart Chakra’ to emerge.  To unlearn we need to also heal our hearts and not at the superficial level we understand 🙂  this is deep – are you willing?  Has this life fulfilled you – or do you feel at some level that there is something so deep within your Soul that is calling you to acknowledge.  I certainly do.  25 years of deep transformational healing and I am still learning, understanding, healing.

What if there really was a fast-track process that could lead us to where the essence of Who we ARE … the Creative Force that I AM resides, would that interest you?  I know it would me.  I do sense that we are close if we allow it.

I am hearing  … you are opening yourself up to the highest level of heart healing there is, we are preparing you, Nyree-Aine and 10 others for this experience … and as this energy locks in so to shall the call go out for another 12 and another 12.

Are you being called?

Everything is Energy

Everything is Energy

As I said in a previous post I have been studying energy and its impact on our lives  for about 28 years.  In fact it fascinated me, it challenged me, it pushed me to grow, to heal and to understand even deeper layers of what energy was and the profound impact it has on every aspect of our lives.

Recently I have had a few people ask when was I going to teach what I know – this made me pause and think, what exactly would I teach.  I have specialized in emotional healing for about 25 years and to be honest I found quite a resistance from people … so many thought they knew everything … so many ran from feeling the deeper stuff and so it went on.  When I took the Living Brilliantly program to the US people were so busy telling me that they were so stressed … yet they were running out the door calling back.  I gotta go, I have so much to do, I have money to make OMG I am so stressed and overwhelmed by it all.  Dah, that is exactly what the Living Brilliantly program does, it releases emotional stress (which is energy) and brings you back to the present with both the left and right brain balanced so you are consciously aware, centred and balanced.

However, this post is about energy … everything is energy!  Which means if you really understand energy your master your success.  Yes I have said that before, however I am not entirely convinced that people really do understand the full impact of energy.

Our thoughts are energy, our emotions are energy, our communication is energy, money is energy – everything is energy.  Our relationships, and our businesses are hugely impacted by energy.  Rooms hold energy for about six months.  This means that if you have a teenage child, sitting in their room with thoughts of fighting with the world in general – all those thoughts/energy are in that room.  You can walk in feeling awesome and within seconds feel like crap.  Restaurants, workshop venues the list goes on.  Unless they are cleared regularly they have a whole truckload of little surprises waiting to wrap their arms around you 🙂

Therefore was is your relationship to energy?  Do you consider you know all about energy? Or do you think you do?  Does that sound arrogant of me to ask that question.  Maybe you think it is.  However, I have been researching this for over 28 years and I still walk into situations that blow me away and not in a good way.  This stuff ‘energy’ either makes the day or not.  I spend a lot of time in my own company, I am happy there, working away creating etc.  In many ways I am an introvert and yet I am an extrovert when out in company.  In my own space I am in my own energy … when I am out … I am exposed to everyone’s energy.  I therefore choose where and with whom I associate with.

That is until I forget and wander off down a pathway of a business luncheon or network meeting and find a whole different experience.  Over the years I have become adapt at adjusting so I am not flattened.  However, what I have found interesting of late is how much the energy has changed. Last year was challenging as I was subjected to a Vibrational roller than negatively impacted me on all levels, however by the end of the year I was more adjusted to this vibration.  Then this year it started again and I felt it intensely again.  Last year I attended network meetings and handled the energy quite well.  2015 was a huge energy shift, amazing vibrant energy and it changed energy on so many levels.

We are back in kindergarten energy wise with this profound shift in energy.  Why?  We have not yet stabilised our ability to hold this new energy which means when in our own company we can stabilize it … when surrounded by a whole range of energy vibrations not so much (yet).

When I go to a network meeting I am constantly in awe that so many people now are working in mindset change, transformational healing however, what I also observe  is that there is still a lack of understanding of how  the energy of their communication is impacting the room.  If a person is asking participants in a workshop, to do exercises in checking in with what they feel about money, their relationships, business etc – then the energy in the room is going to change.  Suddenly there is all this emotional energy floating around and unless the facilitator is educated about energy to see this … AND transforms the emotional energy in the room, immediately, then the energy begins to downgrade its vibrancy.

You can go into the room feeling awesome and come of the room feeling like crap and flattened.  Then spend the next three days bringing your energy vibration back up to what you normally operate with.

You are going to see and experience this more and more.  The more people awaken and go forth with their version of healing, energy etc then you will find this experience of these denser energies subtly creeping up on you and it begins with a headache, a stiff neck, a feeling of heaviness.  So what do you do?  Well if you can’t leave then you need to clear your own energy field as quickly as possible.  How I do that is create a vortex of energy from the base of my feet and quickly spiral it back up my body over my head and up to the Heart and Mind of the Universal Mind/God.  Then cocoon my energy in different colours and seal it.  You might like to do a Access Conscious release, or discreetly TAP or whatever process you have to clear what has come to the surface within you (from the combined energy in the room and individually)

This is really a quick Band-Aid fix.  You will need to do some deeper processes when you return home.  One might be to check in and see what it was that triggered this density of energy for you.  There will be something.  As I checked into what triggered me it was ‘Intimacy to Self’.  Which means that for a moment in time I was not listening, really listening to ME.  Once again I felt I could not walk away from the experience.  I tell you everytime I have felt I couldn’t discreetly leave – it has been a learning curve in the making.  More and more we are being called to check in BEFORE we embark on just about everything.

  • Is this food nourishing for me?
  • Is this event the right event for me?
  • Do I really need to do this course?
  • Does this add more to me?
  • Does this bring me joy?
  • Why do I think I need to do this course?
  • Does this person really know more than I do?
  • And importantly check in with how your energy vibration is travelling.  Is it balanced, centred in the heart – is there something that needs transformation?

What I am learning this year, is that it is time for ‘Inspired Action’ very firmly ensconced in this ‘New Energy of Creation’ energy.  More and more we are being encouraged to step out and right into our own power … mindful that we have all the answers within.  It is all about listening to the energy, transforming whatever is out of whack and returning to your heart-centre and taking inspired action.

Are you a Go-to-Expert?

I had an interesting conversation with someone around the subject of “Being seen as an Expert” and what constitutes an ‘expert’.  This person seemed put out that people responded to posts in the group … as though they were an expert.  It made me wonder   – what does this person believes an expert is?
How do we position ourselves as the “Come-to-Expert”.
        I believe that if a person has been studying a modality or speciality for several years and has an opinion – then that opinion has a value.  However, there is more. Not all ‘experts’ are as knowledgeable as they market themselves.  It is all relative to what they believe about themselves. Giving advice to someone on the thread, if the language is flavoured with ‘directness’ then it may come across as ‘know it all’. It is all in the way the response is languaged. For example: A response may be … ‘You might like to consider’, or Have you considered there might be another options’ etc. It is the difference between  ‘being supportive’ and ‘non-judgemental’ … and someone who is trying to get others to believe in their opinion.  In other words they have a strong attachment to getting others to take their side in the discussion.
        It is in the way that the posts are crafted

That creates either an energy of confrontation which can ultimately encourage others to disagree. Or the energy behind the words is one of non-confrontation and is presenting the information as  a ‘valued opinion’.  This is what sets apart one person attempting to assume the mantle of an expert and one who IS an expert in their field.

       It is a (inner thing) when a person is knowledgeable about their field of expertise, they have an inner confidence that comes across when they answer a post or write about that subject.

Continue reading Are you a Go-to-Expert?

Spirituality and Money – Are they a good mix?

Spirituality and Money – Are they a good mix?

Have we lost the Art of Having fun?  Pssss – Don’t tell anyone … but life and making money has become a serious business. It IS okay to put the fun, magic and money BACK into our lives … we can be spiritual and have fun making money!

In 2007 I asked a very specific question of the Universe.  “Am I on-track when I believe it is about being In-Grace and non-attached to money”. 

The answer I got was – “You are so far, far, far off track it is not funny!”  Continue reading Spirituality and Money – Are they a good mix?