Drilling down

On the journey to find out WHO I AM if I am not my work, I am not a mother, wife, friend or business colleague … takes looking a little deeper. For that I went to my Freedom to BE program and asked to be shown what the core issue was … and it came up Lonlieness. Oh of course we become attached to your job or our identity via a job or business. We become attached to being a wife or husband, friend and so on. We do so because what we fear most is to be alone … so we avoid this by being ‘someone’

About Brilliant Life Success

Jan-Marie is the author of THRIVE in Business & Life and several other books. She created the Freedom to BE program which releases stress in (4) minutes, the Money LOVES Me program and many other fast-track processes to transform whatever blocks you from your dream lifestyle. She lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of AU with her food smooching moggie. www.brilliantlifesuccess.com

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