Genetic Integration …

A powerful, simple, process that does change your life. 

It is been my experience and my understanding  that when a traumatic event occurs in a person’s life the energetic bodies shatter out of alignment, and if not realigned at the point of the trauma they then remain out of balance, further compounding our painful memories. Our perceptions and experiences in life are shaped by these painful memories.

Instead of going into the pain of the trauma, Jan-Marie goes back through the time-line of the genetic lineage to the exact moment the traumatic event occurred, gathers together all the shattered  aspects of the Soul and brings them back into alignment and into present time. It is an amazingly powerful yet simple process that has very positive outcomes.

Clients are heard to say:

It was such a powerful experience; an issue that had influenced my life in such a negative way was released in minutes. I feel such a lightness and joy since the Genetic Integration – I highly recommend this process.  J Groom Aust.

“I had tried every other avenue to no avail. Jan-Marie’s work has changed my life and yet it was incredibly easy. Debra Qld. 

It felt like coming home, it was well worth a trip to Australia to experience this healing.  Shirley NC

The Genetic Integration Therapy works in conjunction with the Transformation Accelerators from the ‘FREEDOM to BE Program, allowing you to identify the where, how and why, without the need to go into the actual drama. This process can be now done via Remote Viewing, anywhere in the world via phone.  However, we find the client has the most potent experience after a few coaching sessions.

This is important to understand, we NO LONGER need to re-live the traumatic event.

Break-Through Sessions
Break-Through Sessions
Jan-Marie via Skype. Jan-Marie will go back to the exact moment that a trauma occurred and re-align all the shattered energy bodies that shattered out of alignment at that point ... and continue to sabotage your success. This is extremely powerful and can be life-changing - some have likened this .... to a feeling of total integration and completeness.

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