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Doing business my way is important to me, as it will be for you.  However, at what cost … how much are we willing to sell our souls for money.  Do we self-talk and tell ourselves that charging high prices is about our self esteem.  That if we put ourselves out there with high-end prices that the world sees us as successful.

Is our success measured by how much money we have in the bank or the material things we can purchase?  Please understand I LOVE money and what it can do for me to brighten my day.  It gives me choices and I like that.  However, I have never been willing to sell my soul for it.  It is not what drives me.  I set up the group  ‘Inspired Heart Soul Entrepreneurs’ because I am passionate about quality of life … for our lives to be in balance and that means we need to have a good amount of money flowing in with ease.

I am passionate about transforming mindsets, especially around money.  I have been accused of being obsessed with money – not at all.  I wanted to understand it, understand why so many struggle to make a decent income.  I wanted to get to the core of money patterns – so yes in that way I am intense 🙂 I call it passion, determination.  Others have judgements and opinions – they believe I should have luxury cars, multi-million dollar houses etc. before I teach this stuff.  I have absolutely no interest in high end material things.  I love comfort but I can find that in low cost items.

In some of the courses on this subject … I have been accused of having no right to teach this subject because I didn’t live on Millionaire row – and yet other students who had paid well over $40,000 in courses with high profile teachers found my work pulled it all together and finally they ‘got it’ they finally understood how the mind works, what are the ‘real’ triggers, saboteur’s and best of all they got to transform their core money patterns and it changed their lives.  The ones who thought I had no right to teach were spiralling out of debt and yet didn’t actively participate – they just wanted to hit out and blame.  What did the course cost them $120.00.  I am constantly told to increase my products to the thousands – I don’t want to 🙂  I love that the low prices mean more people get to heal their money patterns.  That is how we change our world.

However, this is not what this is about – it is this trend to get money at any cost.  Just a week ago I brought a friend to a MLM presentation which was held where there was liquor.  My friend got stuck into the wine … and combined with the presentation on travel, (selling the dream lifestyle) it was a lethal combination.  We had discussed on the way there, that we would not sign that night.  I am in the middle of final figures being collated for a build and wanted to wait till that was finished in about a week.  What happened, was my friend was affected by the alcohol – she wanted in.  I explained I needed to wait a week or so – so she bypassed me and joined up right under the presenter.  This is completely out of integrity by both people – however it is also about HOW they go about getting people into their downline that is questionable. There was a definite subtle pressure to join that night or you would miss out – you know the spiel and combined with alcohol – people were pulling out their credit cards and signing up.  I never travel with credit cards – thankfully 🙂

On my own journey I have been to many free seminars all selling high end courses, products and I walk away.  Some of these are $20,000 and I know a number of people who have been persuaded to go into debt to pay for these courses and not one of them have seen a real return on that investment.  Why because these courses rarely get down and dirty to what are the real core issues on an individual level. The person offering these courses makes a lot of money and the student is often left hanging.  Of course this doesn’t happen to everyone and each person has their own responsibility to ensure that the money spent is worth it.

The thing is life is a journey and we need to be transforming on a regular basis, we need the tools, the determination and support to do this.  When we pay huge amounts, going into debt to get the KEY to success, it comes at an even greater price – because unless the person is hugely driven and will do anything they need to make money then the debt tends to eat away at them, influencing their ability to take full advantage of whatever course they have paid for.  You can take a simple technique like EFT or my Freedom to BE program and if you do it on a regular basis you will make more progress that paying large amounts for courses.  It is being your own personal guru.  Yes there are times you need to do a weekend workshop to challenge you, to shift your energy, your mindset but unless you have a solid structure for healing yourself, within a week you begin to lose momentum and motivation that you gained from the workshop.

It is not about following what someone else has done – it is about healing your core patterns around money and business – then you have the INNER clarity to know what steps you need to take and it does not need to be high end stuff … it is about your passion, your dream, your way of supporting clients.  Get that combination in balance and money will flow with ease.  Not one person can emulate another’s way of doing business, of presenting their product or service – some people are born to be on stage, most are not, some are born to be natural leaders and have a magnetic personality, others are not.

We need to tread our own unique path to success – not influenced by what others have achieved, but what feels so intrinsically unique to ourselves.  Mastermind groups are great because you get to be around other like-minded people and these can be free or with a small charge.  I am beginning to realise that if it has a high end price then it is more likely a money machine.  As Heart-Soul Entrepreneurs our journey is very unique – it is understanding that we cannot do business in the same way as has been done before because the energy is all wrong for us.  We absolutely need to be in integrity to Self and others on every level.  We need to be real, grounded, clear and in-the-flow of universal energy.  That is the priority, if you feel you are stuck, in need of support – get out into nature, allow yourself to tap into what you are feeling, write it down, talk it out with a trusted friend, do whatever it takes to move the energy.  I personally love my own techniques and Freedom to BE program because it allows me to get to the heart of what is going that is unique to me.

It is time to simplify life.  Time to declutter, let go of toxic people, those who are out of integrity, time to let go of complicated and expensive programs.

Simple and Easy = Success.

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Jan-Marie is the author of seven books, the creator of the powerful ‘Freedom to BE’ program that releases emotional stress in (4) minutes and several mind-set changing courses. She writes about transforming your life with ease, so you can live brilliantly, doing what you love. She lives with her food-smooching cat at one of the most beautiful beaches on the Sunshine Coast of AU. Facebook: inspiredpublishing. Twitter: inspiredpub

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