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Are you challenged around Lack of Money flow?

One-on-One Coaching – please contact Jan-Marie Brooke

I am a great believer in digging deep into the shadow side FAST and transforming it without the need for you to go into painful memories or the story.  To achieve this in the shortest possible time (Cause I also believe in having FUN) I use the ‘Freedom to BE’  program, Astrology, plus I am a clear channel so I can tap into some good stuff to find the root cause of what is challenging you.  Life is too short to be living stressed out and re-gurgitating painful issues.  Life can be absolutely amazing when we are FREE of the pain, struggle and lack. 

When my marriage ended suddenly, I lost not only my husband, my home, my business and income – but every single person walked out of my life, left was my son and our cat who hid in the laundry for 12 months – There simply was no one who worked with energy and emotions in the way I absolutely needed to fast-track my life from insanity, pain, debt to where I am today – living in a beautiful new home  near one of the most beautiful beaches and doing what I love.  I have over 28 years experience in transformation healing. It is the Freedom to BE program and my fast-track processes, that I  created to turn my life around that I  would enjoy  sharing and co-creating your transformation journey with EASE, Grace and FUN.  If this sounds like something that resonates with you – please contact me.  In the meantime check out my other programs to support your transformation.

Block of Sessions
Block of Sessions
I design a program based on your unique needs - we do this over a 6 week period. Each session, we discuss what your needs are and then intutitively I will either coach, mentor or do a deep healing . At times it is all of these things in one session - no one session is the same - that is why it is designed just for you.


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