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Money LOVES Me

Money LOVES Me … Yummy, Yummy Money

Money LOVES Me in Business

We all want to believe that love makes the world go around, yet in fact, whether we want it to be so or not – Money makes the world go around.  Me I want the whole world to be loving and generously so.  My heart and soul cries for love to be the highest denominator, the highest value 24/7, in our world …yet it is not so.  Why?  There is the trend to focus on making more money, or how to create more money, who will buy more products, what language will pull in more of the market share so people will buy more of ….

It is not my perspective and thankfully, there is now an emerging trend that is approaching business in a new more enlightened way … and it is gathering speed. Continue reading Money LOVES Me


#Biz Tip 1- Put more Colour into your Business

# Biz Tip #- Put more Colour into Your Business

UnLeash the Vitality in Your BusinessUnleash the Vitality in YOUR BusinessHas your business world feel a bit lack lustre of late.  It could be that you are lacking vitality and the quickest way to instil vitality back into your business is through the use of colour.  That may sound a bit odd – it is not. Continue reading #Biz Tip 1- Put more Colour into your Business


Manipulation & Control in Business

Manipulation & Control in Business.

Business Success Healing - Manipulation & Control

Is being genuinely supported, a challenge … especially in business. Does support come with a hidden agenda. If I do this for you then I ‘expect’ you to do that for me. Alternatively, if I give you ‘my time’ in any form – then I expect you will buy from me. In business the current flavour is to do free strategy sessions, however the agenda (most times) is to sell you into a high priced coaching programs – or some other form of high priced products. High prices does not always equal quality products. Continue reading Manipulation & Control in Business


How to be the STAR in your Marketing

BE the Star in your Marketing
BE Outrageously YOU - Be the star in your story
BE outrageously YOU and BE the Star in your Marketing. It is ALL about YOU and the Vibration you send out to the world
How to BE the Star.

The first thing that comes to mind is to believe in yourself.  I had some interesting experiences early this year when I believed someone knew more than I already knew or would research and find out for myself.  Marketing is not my passion.  Some absolutely love it – me I would rather create, write, play – do absolutely anything before the serious business of marketing.

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Doubt the Thief of Dreams

Doubt is the Thief of Dreams

Doubt is the greatest thief of our dreams. When we doubt ourselves in any way, we keep ourselves locked into victim mentality and no matter how much bolstering from others about how talented, beautiful, handsome we may be, it falls on deaf ears.

Whereas, fear is tangible in that it grabs hold of you and shakes the very foundations of you and your life. It is right in your face, it stares you down at the breakfast table and at the conference table. There is no doubt that it is fear; your whole body is screaming fear.

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Quit Working so hard and make More Money

Quit Working so hard AND make More Money

This is a brand new series of Blog Posts.  Please subscribe if you would like to follow the journey of how to move from a J.O.B – and walking away from corporate type employment and INTO living brilliantly and enjoying the lifestyle you want.  Obviously to do that you will need money – which is why so many get trapped in the 9-5 daily grind.

This series of blog posts will examine what is REALLY going on at a deeper level, it will look at HOW to make the changes you need to create a series of passive incomes.  HOW to change your MINDSET to allow this to happen. Continue reading Quit Working so hard and make More Money


Is Money running away from you?

Is Money running away from you?

Are you doing all the things that the ‘Success Guru’s’ tell you to do to attract more money to you? And it is just not working the way you figure it should …

Well you are not alone. The fact is that when you adopt someone else’s way of doing things – it is not authentically coming from you. From your inner core. This is the missing key. To attract wealth to you, (because if you focus on just money) then it just cycles in and out, that is the nature of life. Whereas i you move your awareness to sustainable wealth, then this is a whole different story. Sustainable wealth means that you prosper, you accumulate assets, cash, whatever. It gives you choices to move your wealth around. It is all about choices. I know you didn’t want to hear that 🙂

My core money pattern is – ‘If I don’t have money then I have NO choices’.  This is a really difficult place to be in. No choice means I am stuck – and I can’t move forward. It also usually means I have no clarity. when this happens of course  I could spend money and get someone to show me HOW to move forward, EXCEPT whilst in that state of confusion, it is difficult to implement it. Why? Because the very thing that has you/me stuck and lacking clarity has not changed! Following what another person would do – is usually NOT what you/I need.

Did you have a light-bulb moment! It is NOT the ‘core’ of what is blocking you/me is transformed that a person can move forward.  Save your cash and instead spend a little time finding out what is going on deeper within. Will save you thousands in the long run.

Simple really – it is just that it is so easy to think someone else has the answers – they usually do not.

If you need some help in locating the ‘root cause’ that is blocking you – I can certainly point you in the right direction.  I can’t do it for you – what I can do is provide techniques and fast-track processes that you can use to find your own clarity. I developed these techniques because I have been challenged and it was that lack of clarity/confusion/lack that it forced me to find solutions so I could get myself out of the jam.  I am happy to share those with you now. Which is good news because it will fast-track your experience, so you can do what you do best.

Jan-Marie Brooke is the Creator of the ‘Live Brilliantly – Money Healing’ Program.  A cutting edge program which releases emotional stress in minutes and used regularly transforms deep core wounds and patterns, easily. Jan-Marie’s is considered to be one of the leading Transformational Healers and Intuitives of this time. She has the gift of being able to tap into the exact millisecond a trauma occurred and intuitively read the energetic patterns, the underlying negative belief patterns created from the traumatic experience and realigns the shattered energy bodies and brings them back into balance. This profoundly changes a person’s life from struggle to ease.  A public speaker, trainer, mentor and intuitive she has researched the fields of behaviour, energy and ancient healing and spiritual practices. She has developed many advanced healing processes that identify and fast-track the transformation of Core Money Patterns that keep people in lack and struggle. Once these deep core patterns are transformed it allows individuals to fully embody Divine Abundance with ease. In other words, money is attracted TO them with Ease.

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