Hi I am Jan-Marie Brooke

I am a Multi-Dimensional Transformation Healer who is an open channel and can access Akashic Records and any level required to identify ancestral contracts, release the ancient energy contained within them. Cancel and delete these contracts that have kept humanity locked into cycles of wealth, poverty and limitations. 

The next step is to anchor in the new ‘Emerald Diamond Heart’ energy. This is the most exciting amazing vibration that is so awesome it will take you beyond what you even imagined you could achieve.  It is clearing blocks fast.

I have over 30 years experience in this field. I also have developed the Genetic Integration Therapy which allows me to go back along your timeline and that of your genetic lineage to find the Root Cause (wound) that is currently playing out in your life.  I then call in all the soul and energy fragments that shattered out when the wound occurred, either in this life or in your genetic lineage … and realign it.  This is a VERY powerful healing.

As an Open ‘Channel’ I open all the portals, access into WHERE YOU the client needs to access to get either information or healing.  I am not doing the healing – my gift is I am an open clear channel and the emphasis is on CLEAR.  This means that the portal is open, clean and wide and connected to the Divine Source.

If you would like a personal session with me please either email me  for a one-on-one in person session. Phone me 0407 75 0407 for an appointment.  For long distant sessions I prefer Skype than via phone for distant healings as it allows me hands free to do my best work.

Breakthrough Sessions with Jan-Marie

In the session we talk and identify the core issue/s then choose a Transformation Accelerator using the ‘Freedom to BE’ program.  Being clairvoyant I channel, use my intuition and then if in clinic we do a healing session on the healing table. Each person is unique – however my core intention is that we identify and release any ancient contracts and delete them – do a total energy upgrade then finally anchor in the New Emerald Diamond Heart energy. However, to achieve a deeper transformation it requires working with you over several weeks or for as long as required until you can hold the vibration and maintain it so you keep moving forward. The first session is approx. 1 hour to 1/12 hours $450.00 or purchase a block of six sessions $1997.  This can be done via Skype or in person at Sunshine Coast. For a 0.15 -20 minute free check me out 🙂 to see if we are a good fit please email me on brilliantlifesuccess@gmail.com or within Australia via Mobile to arrange a time suitable.

Point of Genius Session
Point of Genius Session
I am able to listen to you, hone in on your point of genius and show you how to package those gifts, talents and products into your marketing message so you are coming from your highest potential and vibration in your work. Your Vibration IS the New Economy. This requires bringing ALL aspects into one harmonious arrowhead so it is magnetically attracting people to you. We can no longer do business in ways of the past. Your VIBRATION IS the New Economy.

Block of Sessions
Block of Sessions
I design a program based on your unique needs - we do this over a 6 week period. Each session, we discuss what your needs are and then intutitively I will either coach, mentor or do a deep healing . At times it is all of these things in one session - no one session is the same - that is why it is designed just for you.

Once payment is confirmed (please ensure you add in your contact details) a time suitable to both will be arranged.