Are you ready to shineIn 2007 I asked a very powerful question of the Universe.  I asked was I on-track when I believed it was about being in-grace and NON attached to money.  The answer I got floored me (my mouth was hanging open for minutes)

I had heard:  You are so far, far, far off track it is not funny!”

It felt like a near death experience as my whole understanding of personal transformation was thrown out the door.  I wondered if all the books I had written, the courses I had created and taught etc., were all a waste of time – I had difficulty understanding how I got it so wrong.

I picked up my mouth, and asked ‘Well if I am so wrong on this what is the right answer?”

‘Activate your Creative Spirit’ came through – throughout this book I needed to experience each aspect to fully understand WHY we were being encouraged to step through our Fear of Greatness and into our Brilliance – more importantly, how we needed to let go of old outmoded methods of marketing … or how it has been done by others.   We are being encouraged to step right outside of the box and come up with our own unique style based on our energy frequency.  Which is why it is vital that we tap into our Creative Force energy and integrate it as way of ‘being’ … This is the KEY to Unlock the flow of Money as we move into the new economy.

Accepting new information is one thing – however, it is not until it is integrated as an ‘Inner Knowing’ at a deep level, changing our mindsets and our DNA … then actioning it – in its purest form – do we see the magic unfolding with ease and grace. 

From that book came the 21-Day Activation course.  Want to know more?  Sign up for our PodCAST