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Discipline is it your Friend?

Discipline is it your Friend?

sunI have a confession to make – in my program ‘Freedom to BE’ which has about 200 Transformation Accelerators each time I pulled the one that said the issue was Discipline – I wanted to walk away and ignore it (well mostly I did).  You see it annoyed me to think  that my lack of marketing success was about discipline.  I really wanted it to be something different, because for me the word discipline had all the hallmarks of control.  Putting me into a box and I wanted to be free-flowing.  Most of all I wanted to be free to do what I wanted when I wanted.  Except my Higher Intelligence kept shoving this Transformation Accelerator in my face trying to get my attention, like some pesky annoying fly. Continue reading Discipline is it your Friend?

Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneurs #2

Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneur #2

Healing the Heart of Your Business

It would seem my latest blog has caused some interesting comments.  The one below  caught my eye –

 … Your latest blog is so on track!  It’s become an industry full of false hope and pocket lining designed to lure in souls of lower vibration who are non actualised in consciousness. I’ve seen this breed in action and surprise, surprise!! Their mind is always on the go, they multitask all day long, lack quality rest and sleep because they are working on the next business plan or mocking up a new course to promote!! One particular person I know even forgets to pay for the meal they eat when dining out because their mind is racing to the next venture, next location meeting or free consultation to win a sale! I’m not suggesting that there aren’t genuine healers out there because there are … But surely they are few and probably charge reasonably….

Above all else Heart ‘n Soul entrepreneurs need to be integrity.  It is an expectation that if someone is claiming to come from their heart then they are in integrity and can be trusted.  For this section of the community, (especially in business) it is important that this category needs to be even more vigilant about integrity because it affects the whole. Continue reading Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneurs #2

Due Diligence in Business and Relationships

Due Diligence in Business and Relationships
 Due Diligence in Business and Relationships

Due Diligence in Relationships

When two people meet for the first time – there is a lot of sizing up.  Will I like this person, is this person someone I could fall in love with.  Or will we become good friends.  Alternatively in a business sense, can we do business together in a way that is in alignment with my values.

Often when there is chemistry between two people on that first meet, it is often interpreted to mean that this person is Mr or Mrs RIGHT! The fresh bloom of love is such an exciting time and we can get hooked straight up.

However it is actually a warning bell going off! Continue reading Due Diligence in Business and Relationships

Manipulation & Control in Business

Manipulation & Control in Business.

Business Success Healing - Manipulation & Control

Is being genuinely supported, a challenge … especially in business. Does support come with a hidden agenda. If I do this for you then I ‘expect’ you to do that for me. Alternatively, if I give you ‘my time’ in any form – then I expect you will buy from me. In business the current flavour is to do free strategy sessions, however the agenda (most times) is to sell you into a high priced coaching programs – or some other form of high priced products. High prices does not always equal quality products. Continue reading Manipulation & Control in Business

No Clarity? What to do when there is none

 No Clarity? What to do when there is none.

No Clarity: Simplify, Identify, Transform and Live Brilliantly
No Clarity: Simplify, Identify, Transform and Live Brilliantly

Sometimes our heads are just so full of stuff that it blocks the ability to think clearly, so what is the best option when you just have got no more space in your head for thought to have room to fire inspiration.

The first thing I do is stop, begin to breathe deeply and allow my shoulders to relax I then allow my energy to flow from the top of my head (crown chakra) and flow up to the Universal Mind/Infinite Source.   I ‘still’ myself and allow myself to relax and let all those jumbled up thoughts  of  –  I have to do this and I have to do that, to flow out and away.  I then begin to sense a space in my thinking section of my brain  and that is when clarity returns. Continue reading No Clarity? What to do when there is none

How to be the STAR in your Marketing

BE the Star in your Marketing
BE Outrageously YOU - Be the star in your story
BE outrageously YOU and BE the Star in your Marketing. It is ALL about YOU and the Vibration you send out to the world
How to BE the Star.

The first thing that comes to mind is to believe in yourself.  I had some interesting experiences early this year when I believed someone knew more than I already knew or would research and find out for myself.  Marketing is not my passion.  Some absolutely love it – me I would rather create, write, play – do absolutely anything before the serious business of marketing.

Continue reading How to be the STAR in your Marketing

Keeping Sane and on Track

 Keeping Sane and On-Track

Living on Planet Earth comes with a complex set of rules, social implications and the need to have money to pay to live on our ‘spot’ on planet earth – and because we are human we come with a multitude of belief patterns, emotional reactions and dare I use the word ‘expectations’ of what we want to achieve, the lifestyle we want for ourselves. In my 28 years of specializing in transformational healing, many of my clients have complex sets of beliefs running their lives.  Maybe back in the 60’s it was simple.  Men went to work, the wife stayed home and looked after everyone.  Pretty much 9 – 5 or 7.30 – 3.30 am working existence.  There was less of everything so it was less stressful and it was easier to feel sane in our insanely busy world.

Continue reading Keeping Sane and on Track

Doubt the Thief of Dreams

Doubt is the Thief of Dreams

Doubt is the greatest thief of our dreams. When we doubt ourselves in any way, we keep ourselves locked into victim mentality and no matter how much bolstering from others about how talented, beautiful, handsome we may be, it falls on deaf ears.

Whereas, fear is tangible in that it grabs hold of you and shakes the very foundations of you and your life. It is right in your face, it stares you down at the breakfast table and at the conference table. There is no doubt that it is fear; your whole body is screaming fear.

Continue reading Doubt the Thief of Dreams

Subconscious Mind, Sleep & Success

Subconscious Mind, Sleep & Success

It has been a year of extremes already and we are only in the 2nd month – amazing learning curves.  Exciting amazing energy and crashes and burns. It has also been one of major clarity and transformation.

This week I crashed after going into a business environment and then had amazing sleeps.  It is gold when I get a beautiful clean  7 – 8 hour sleep.  Gold I tell you 🙂  So to have two nights in a row, I thought I had cracked it big time.  Mind you the days were a tad odd in that I was so sleepy – so when a friend rang and asked if I wanted to do a roadie with lunch at Bribie Island, I jumped at it.  As usual we laugh till we almost wet our panties, act like 20 somethings and are really outrageous being just us.  Love it.

It was also the launch of ‘I call it How to get away with Murder’ … on tv.  I like a bit of TV after a long day at the computer or reading – it is a way to chill out before sleep.  Or so I thought.

Was I in for a surprise.  Around 1.30 am I became consciously aware of what my subconscious mind was processing.  It was montage of all the murder suspects laid out on paper but the paper was thick and the name was on the bottom layer and it required rubbing away at the top layers to reveal the name.  As this was playing out, my hips were aching … it was like the names were layered into my hips. (Hips are to Jupiter = expansion and freedom)

I knew it was pointless attempting to sleep through this, so went to my program ‘Living Brilliantly’ and chose a Transformation  Accelerator.  It came up with ‘Divine Masculine’ of which the opposite polarity in this case is, ‘Bully – Sociopathic Behaviour’.  OMG I cant tell you even after having access to this program for 14 years it never fails to surprise me.  I chose this Accelerator in the dark – I just love it – it is always so accurate.  I do the release and add in the Access Consciousness release statement and it is powerful, my hips are jerking all over the place letting me know how powerful it is.  It allows me to go back to sleep for a few hours, but there are still some remnants there, as I can feel this just before I wake so I need to pay attention to this issue … as it is another layer to the ‘Lies to Hide Dishonest Behaviour’ thread that has been playing out all year.

Divine Masculine – Sociopathic Behaviour

Divine Masculine

The reason I included this personal experience in this blog is to show HOW sensitive we are now – we have had some powerful energy shifts this year … and what we could maybe get away with last year, via merging with other people’s energy fields, and this includes the movies and TV shows and what we read.  Well the game poles have shifted and we can no longer do this – we are going to feel it strongly.

We can no longer do business in the ways of the past and there has been a new energy vibration come in this year to support this … and that now includes our personal lives.  Whatever we thought was okay last year – has changed … and if we wish to stabilize  this new energy and integrate it as a way of being then we need to be mindful of everything we touch, listen, engage etc.

For me I need to be extra discerning about what I watch on TV – I usually like gardening, renovation etc. so this is telling me to absolutely not watch this new series.  I am absolutely conscious of the fact that for my work to be out there, so people can benefit from it, I need to get a good nights sleep, consistently – for me sleep either allows success with ease – or lack of sleep means it is challenging to be consistently motivated, full of vitality and high energy.

The question I ask you – and this Blog Challenge is about engaging people to interact and comment on the website to engage the search engines 🙂 … anyway

  1. Are you aware of what you subconscious mind is tracking and attaching the days events TO?  IE:  Mind was to Sociopathic behaviour and Lies (and lawyers are expert at this)
  2. What is it that you need to be absolutely aware and mindful of these days.
  3. What choices are you making to BE of this world but not in it – because this is more  important than ever before.
  4. How do you plan to expand your business mindful that we cannot do business in the ways of the past, YET we still need to engage people and bring them toward us so we can share what it is that we offer.

I would absolutely appreciate if you would post your answers on the comments section of www.livingbrilliantly.com.au 🙂  Thanks in advance.

Spiritual Divorce

Spiritual Divorce

2015 has brought forth some very interesting energy, amazing creative energy that has a brilliant vibrational frequency within it.  When you are sitting smack in the middle of this energy anything is possible.  It is an energy I have known would be available to us if we chose.  A new way of doing business, with Ease and Grace.  You couldn’t image how I have longed for this moment.  For me personally it has been 8 years in coming.

And yet as I came out of my cocoon of this amazing energy and once again join others it was like walking into a glass wall with a whammy.  Three times this has happened in a very short space of time.

During this time I was to experience an amazing heart healing.  I had been guided to see beyond my diffuser (sort of like rose-coloured glasses) and see my relationship with my ex-husband as it really was, not what I had thought it was.  From that came this amazing heart healing … and as I walked through this Emerald Doorway into the New Divine Heart Chakra (emerging) I awakened the colour in me and this explosion of energy came with it.

However, as it is in life, energy pulses and it wanes, it ebbs and it flows.  As I came out of my cocoon into the real world it dropped because I had not yet learned to stabilize it and maintain it.

The image on this post is Spiritual Divorce – Relationship completions.  It has been coming up a lot lately, not just for me but for others.  It appeared strongly for colleagues when I asked what was the ‘core wound’ to their hearts.  This morning it appeared again.  Yesterday I helped Nyree-Aine with her blog post on Spirituality so my first thought was hmmmm this is interesting – there is something we are hearing, yet not yet understanding.

Right now the planet Jupiter (money, expansion) is in a powerful position and a portal if you like has been opened for those who choose to leave the planet to do so with ease.  We are being asked to choose do we wish to continue with this journey of (spirituality) on this earth or leave.  I made my choice some time ago.

For almost as long as I have been fascinated by energy, emotions I have been fascinated by money.  I have watched with interest those who embarked on a spiritual journey of finding themselves, go into service to others with little or no financial return, stepping out into the market place and slavishly follow all the Business/Marking gurus models. Which never appealed to me.  I watched the increase of those offering transformational healing to people, to their businesses etc with no real understanding of the energy created.  I watched as yet again people peel away from me. as yet again. my vibration was changing.

This Transformation Accelerator, which is a part of the Second Level of the ‘Living Brilliantly’ program keeps wanting our attention.  My sense is following on with Nyre-Aine’s blog yesterday this is the next step.  Nyree-Aine has set up the ‘Unlearning Academy’ encouraging people to unlearn all that they have learned to get to the purity of what spirituality and life can be, if we allow it.

My journey has been around healing the heart. to allow this New ‘Divine Heart Chakra’ to emerge.  To unlearn we need to also heal our hearts and not at the superficial level we understand 🙂  this is deep – are you willing?  Has this life fulfilled you – or do you feel at some level that there is something so deep within your Soul that is calling you to acknowledge.  I certainly do.  25 years of deep transformational healing and I am still learning, understanding, healing.

What if there really was a fast-track process that could lead us to where the essence of Who we ARE … the Creative Force that I AM resides, would that interest you?  I know it would me.  I do sense that we are close if we allow it.

I am hearing  … you are opening yourself up to the highest level of heart healing there is, we are preparing you, Nyree-Aine and 10 others for this experience … and as this energy locks in so to shall the call go out for another 12 and another 12.

Are you being called?