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Business ‘Success’ Healing

Business ‘Success’ Healing

Business SUCCESS Healing

Have you been challenged around Business Success

I thought I would show you how I approach Transformational Healing.

If you have been challenged around Business Success, Money and Relationships – it may be from a deep genetic memory.  Pushing forward, working hard to achieve success is often a pointer that there is something blocking you Shining, with ease. If you know you are hiding your brilliance then you might benefit from my experience.  I have been quite focused on re-launching my work after a break and it has been an interesting experience, as I watch and observe what is popping up for me to heal.  As I was writing the blogs on Denial, it came to my attention that I was in denial about how much I wanted to be successful.  This ‘denial’ had convinced me that wanted to retire and put my feet up.  Except that was a furphy. Continue reading Business ‘Success’ Healing

Conscious Communication – How important is it?

Conscious Communication – How important is it?

We we shove our emotions down and not transform them it creates conflict in communication.

The hidden side of energy that people perceive about you and make a judgement about you … before you even open your mouth.

Have you ever met someone you felt was “prickly”? Well they were. Unresolved emotional issues/beliefs  build up in the energy field preventing conscious communication.  They build up like little sharp points in the energy field and when your own energy field comes in contact with them, you feel a jab, like a needle jabbed into the skin. You may feel a reaction and step back, or even speak sharply to the other person, because even if they have not opened their mouths, you have perceived that you have just been attacked. Continue reading Conscious Communication – How important is it?

Is Self Denial – Sabotaging your Success

When we are in Self Denial we sabottage our Dreams and Our Success in Business Is Self-Denial sabotaging your Success

When we are in self-denial, especially around our business goals we are playing small. We are living life in mid-range neutral. Getting up to speed and then idling back into neutral again. Does this ring a bell?

Over the years of doing this myself, I had convinced myself that I was not really good at business. I was more of a creative sort, the writer, the creator of programs etc. Any excuse to gloss over what I was really in denial about. Continue reading Is Self Denial – Sabotaging your Success

Your Story – What is it Creating

Your Story – What is it Creating

More of what you Want  … Or less of what You Want.

Are you ready to stop hiding behind the tree and come out and Shine?

Imagine waking up each morning and knowing that your energy was clear and high and you could put 100% into positive actions to create the most awesome experience in that day. Yet it is a rare person who can really achieve this; oh, they will tell you they do because they are faking it till they make it, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is better than hiding in bed, exhausted and in despair that life is hard and everything is a struggle. Except, it is time to get real and instead of faking it, actually living it with ease.

Continue reading Your Story – What is it Creating

Keeping Sane and on Track

 Keeping Sane and On-Track

Living on Planet Earth comes with a complex set of rules, social implications and the need to have money to pay to live on our ‘spot’ on planet earth – and because we are human we come with a multitude of belief patterns, emotional reactions and dare I use the word ‘expectations’ of what we want to achieve, the lifestyle we want for ourselves. In my 28 years of specializing in transformational healing, many of my clients have complex sets of beliefs running their lives.  Maybe back in the 60’s it was simple.  Men went to work, the wife stayed home and looked after everyone.  Pretty much 9 – 5 or 7.30 – 3.30 am working existence.  There was less of everything so it was less stressful and it was easier to feel sane in our insanely busy world.

Continue reading Keeping Sane and on Track

Subconscious Mind, Sleep & Success

Subconscious Mind, Sleep & Success

It has been a year of extremes already and we are only in the 2nd month – amazing learning curves.  Exciting amazing energy and crashes and burns. It has also been one of major clarity and transformation.

This week I crashed after going into a business environment and then had amazing sleeps.  It is gold when I get a beautiful clean  7 – 8 hour sleep.  Gold I tell you 🙂  So to have two nights in a row, I thought I had cracked it big time.  Mind you the days were a tad odd in that I was so sleepy – so when a friend rang and asked if I wanted to do a roadie with lunch at Bribie Island, I jumped at it.  As usual we laugh till we almost wet our panties, act like 20 somethings and are really outrageous being just us.  Love it.

It was also the launch of ‘I call it How to get away with Murder’ … on tv.  I like a bit of TV after a long day at the computer or reading – it is a way to chill out before sleep.  Or so I thought.

Was I in for a surprise.  Around 1.30 am I became consciously aware of what my subconscious mind was processing.  It was montage of all the murder suspects laid out on paper but the paper was thick and the name was on the bottom layer and it required rubbing away at the top layers to reveal the name.  As this was playing out, my hips were aching … it was like the names were layered into my hips. (Hips are to Jupiter = expansion and freedom)

I knew it was pointless attempting to sleep through this, so went to my program ‘Living Brilliantly’ and chose a Transformation  Accelerator.  It came up with ‘Divine Masculine’ of which the opposite polarity in this case is, ‘Bully – Sociopathic Behaviour’.  OMG I cant tell you even after having access to this program for 14 years it never fails to surprise me.  I chose this Accelerator in the dark – I just love it – it is always so accurate.  I do the release and add in the Access Consciousness release statement and it is powerful, my hips are jerking all over the place letting me know how powerful it is.  It allows me to go back to sleep for a few hours, but there are still some remnants there, as I can feel this just before I wake so I need to pay attention to this issue … as it is another layer to the ‘Lies to Hide Dishonest Behaviour’ thread that has been playing out all year.

Divine Masculine – Sociopathic Behaviour

Divine Masculine

The reason I included this personal experience in this blog is to show HOW sensitive we are now – we have had some powerful energy shifts this year … and what we could maybe get away with last year, via merging with other people’s energy fields, and this includes the movies and TV shows and what we read.  Well the game poles have shifted and we can no longer do this – we are going to feel it strongly.

We can no longer do business in the ways of the past and there has been a new energy vibration come in this year to support this … and that now includes our personal lives.  Whatever we thought was okay last year – has changed … and if we wish to stabilize  this new energy and integrate it as a way of being then we need to be mindful of everything we touch, listen, engage etc.

For me I need to be extra discerning about what I watch on TV – I usually like gardening, renovation etc. so this is telling me to absolutely not watch this new series.  I am absolutely conscious of the fact that for my work to be out there, so people can benefit from it, I need to get a good nights sleep, consistently – for me sleep either allows success with ease – or lack of sleep means it is challenging to be consistently motivated, full of vitality and high energy.

The question I ask you – and this Blog Challenge is about engaging people to interact and comment on the website to engage the search engines 🙂 … anyway

  1. Are you aware of what you subconscious mind is tracking and attaching the days events TO?  IE:  Mind was to Sociopathic behaviour and Lies (and lawyers are expert at this)
  2. What is it that you need to be absolutely aware and mindful of these days.
  3. What choices are you making to BE of this world but not in it – because this is more  important than ever before.
  4. How do you plan to expand your business mindful that we cannot do business in the ways of the past, YET we still need to engage people and bring them toward us so we can share what it is that we offer.

I would absolutely appreciate if you would post your answers on the comments section of www.livingbrilliantly.com.au 🙂  Thanks in advance.

Transformation – do you fear it?

Transformation – Do you Fear it?

Healed Heart versus Crisis

Heart resized

I began my journey of Transformation Healing around the same time I became interested in energy.  The two kinda went hand in hand due to the fact no-one puts a warning label on the practice of meditation and opening oneself to the Light.

In 1987 I attended an Esoteric Mystery School to learn about energy.  What appeared to be an exciting and riveting experience turned to be a life-changing event.  My 18 year marriage ended with a letter in the mail telling me it was over and it was not-negotiable.  No warning, just gone.

When faced with a huge life challenge, the only way is to move through it, and come out the other side (without leaving the planet) which can be a constant companion when deep, enormous truckloads of emotions hit the fan at the same time.   For me – I was alone, every single person in my life, both sides of the family walked away.  My son and I and the cat who hid in the laundry for 12 months, had to start from scratch.

The intensity of a life-challenge that hits from left field like this, comes because we were never taught to transform (what we were feeling) throughout our lives.  I certainly did not have any role models.  I had a father who was emotionally introverted and hit out in an abusive way to lift the intensity of what he felt.  My mother died when I was very young, so I didn’t know about nurture of self.  It was a perfect scenario for an emotionally needy person (me) to be pushed into finding out how to transform those intense feelings.  It was to lead me on an amazing journey … creating an intense need to support others going through the same experience.  What I found, was apparently it takes courage to face self – stripped to the core, bleeding, raw and vulnerable.  For me I had no choice, I either died or I dealt with it.  As everyone had gone … there was only me and my ‘Unseen’ teachers, healers and support crew who lovingly, gently wrapped their huge big arms/wings around me and held me tight.

It was ‘interesting’, and the sad part is – it doesn’t need to be this hard.  We make it hard cause we are afraid to open Pandora’s box for fear we will not survive.  Can you image what our emotional storage lockup looks like – years of suppressed crap?  Well think about a house that nothing, absolutely nothing is ever cleared, thrown out.  You know the ones, the hoarders of anything and everything.  Could you live in that house?  Probably not, very few could and yet this is what your Emotional Storage Lockup looks like if you never transform what feelings you have, what reactions, mindsets and behaviours that play out.  Or if you spend a lot of your time and energy projecting  outside of self.  And most people’s favourite – rushing here and there, spending, travelling, socializing, working their fingers to the bone – all in an attempt to run from what they may be feeling – well the ESL is huge 🙂 and don’t be fooled into thinking that no-one knows what you are suppressing – they do as I found out 🙂 reacting in some often very hurtful ways.

We are human and we are emotionally based – it is not rational to think that these emotions do not exist.  We honestly cannot live in the positive all of the time.  Life is light and dark, it is positive and it is negative, it is who we are as humans.  You cannot change emotional energy by thinking about it, you cannot change mindsets just with your mind – it requires an integration of energy for the transformation to complete itself.

What I found was that as I transformed my emotional energy so too did it change my mindsets and my behaviours which is why I am so passionate about people getting this.  Change the emotional energy and you change your life with EASE.  It doesn’t have to be hard or scary.  Mastering our emotional health is simply the same as attending to your physical health or brushing your teeth every morning and night.  The more you integrate into your daily routine the transformation of what you are feeling, reacting to – the more life flows with ease, the more your energy vibration increases and begins to MATCH that which you desire to create/manifest in life.

There is no fast-track way … it is a constant integration of living brilliantly via transformation of your emotional energy.  Learn to LOVE transformation it is you key to freedom.  It heals your heart at deep levels, it opens up doorways of opportunity with ease and grace.  It changes the struggle, the lack of joy, the lack of …. in simple and profound ways.  It is a way of life if you want to live brilliantly.

Colour me Awesome

 From Drab to FAB

Many years ago, after a painful divorce, I found myself slipping more into me … not in a good way.  I began to dress in monochromatic colours, longer skirts, hair pulled back in a pony tail.  My pot-plants stayed outside in the fernery.  I was dying on the inside and my outside reflected my state of mind.

All during this time I was exploring transformational healing … then as though the sun came out I stopped and looked around me – there was no colour in me.  I had lost my vitality, my mojo.  People has stopped talking to me, life had become drab.  There was no joy or hope and no colour.

This was not what I imagined my life would look like – how had it gone from a successful author, top sales person and CEO of an Aviation company, married, happy and excited about endless new possibilities Continue reading Colour me Awesome