Have you implemented the ‘Law of Attraction’ and Wealth Creation strategies of the Success Gurus, yet continue to be challenged around creating a sustainable flow of money to maintain the lifestyle you desire?

When the Money LOVES Me program came in in 2008 I though that was it – That is until this year, 2107 – when I finally understood the 30 year journey I had undertaken – There are FIVE Money and Success Blueprints … and as we move from the 1st to the 2nd  to the 3rd, 4th and 5th into the Global Success Blueprint we go through stages of healing and growth within EACH blueprint.  Now it all finally made sense.  There is currently a massive urgency to IDENTIFY what is within these blueprints – Transform them – and REWIRE the brain neurons … as we step into our Authentic Success Blueprints where we are VIBRATIONALLY all on the same page with Money and Success.  Up till now we have been repeating cycles of wealth/success and Loss/lack and Scarcity. 

This is work in your own space deal.

What do you get with the Money LOVES Me Program? 

This is the DIY version and you will download the modules and work at your own pace, how successful you will be depends on how commited you are to change your relationship to money.  If you FEEL as you go through you will have the best results, if you do it only in your head not so much …. whilst you may feel crappy for a moment or two the outcomes are brilliant – this program works, it really works but it is up to you.

This program has been 30 years in the making – it does require courage to kick SCARCITY & Limitation Mindsets to the Kerb, once and for all.  This work fast-tracks the process – so you can BE BRILLIANT.

Until you reach a certain vibration (frequency) major shifts don’t occur. This program ‘Resets: and Activate your Divine Wealth & Prosperity Blueprint so that you achieve Brilliant Success.  Your Energy Signature is a Vibration.  Your Vibration IS the new Economy in other words to thrive in the new economy your vibration is the new BLACK … It is what people feel and respond to – via your physical presence, your communication and the words you post in social media.

It is time to EMERGE from the darkness of scarcity and lack INTO unlimited flow of Divine Prosperity & Wealth … With EASE

Activate your 'Divine Prosperity' Blueprint
Activate your 'Divine Prosperity' Blueprint
Consciously aware individuals are more challenged around money & success due to the requirement to transform at extremely deep levels plus release genetic karmic contracts. This work is way beyond the LOA teachings. In personal sessions, we drill down super fast to reveal deep root issues around your Money Mindset. Then you will need to book a Genetic Integration and Emergence Healing session to release transform and heal the Core Money & Success Mindset and that is the final piece of this process to set your Blueprint to Unlimited Money Flow and Success. Never before has this work been offered ... Your Money Vibration IS the New Economy - this level of transformational healing is paramount to you THRIVING.


I have done the ‘Jan-Marie’s programs using the ‘Freedom to BE’ program and it has had an incredible impact on my life. It gives you a wonderful tool to release the emotions attached to the core patterns that control your life and over time remove these blocks. I see significant improvements in areas of my life where I couldn’t play full out as I had stuff holding me back. I am so grateful to Jan-Marie for creating this program and the life changing program.  Previously I have paid many thousands of dollars and studied with some very well-known teachers and this simple program brought ALL the pieces together so it all made sense and I could move forward. You ROCK !!  Patrick Correya Melbourne.

Hi Jan-Marie
Working through Module 3 has been amazing for me!!!! Thank you so much. I can tell you right now that it has changed my marriage forever. Somewhere in the work I “got” that I can be okay with not making the money. I can be okay with receiving from him … And then I realized it’s not just money, it’s everything; I have been fighting to NOT receive from him. Pleasure, fun, freedom, acceptance, and yes money. There’s always a limit to how much I will allow him to give me before I pull away, literally and figuratively. That’s why I never noticed the pattern before – because I was willing to receive it before and it actually didn’t bother me before. Now, why in this case it does is another question ? After my husband’s father passed away he made a mistake, a mistake that he blamed me for and for some inexplicable reason I accepted and believed. It was two years later that I decided to start working and making my own money again after being a full-time mother for 7 years and I believe it is my trying to prove myself worthy that has been the issue…. Anyway long story short – thank you.  

For whatever reason the work in Module 3 has left me feeling free to receive from him again and excited to see what we can create in our marriage with this new outlook and attitude. And curious to how this will affect my money making skills or even if I choose to ? Chizelle Sharon Salter

The closer you evolve to your Authentic Self, will mean different and more diverse challenges around money rise to the surface.  As Spiritual people, we have been given the most amazing mandate and opportunity to change the ‘frequency of money and wealth consciousness’, not only for ourselves but for the greater whole.  The greater we are challenged around these core issues, the more powerful is our contribution.  The time is now – take action today and BE that authentic vibration of Wealth Consciousness.  As one person heals and joins another, the energy of poverty consciousness diminishes. As more and more Divine Blueprints are activated we heal the planet one person at a time.  It all begins with you. If this resonates with you then please join us –  To begin your amazing transformation and activate your Divine Wealth and Prosperity Blueprint…so you can BE BRILLIANT at what you do.

My work is fast and simple yet extremely powerful in its results.  Make a decision today to change your life forever; and yes that is a bold claim and I can make it because I know how effective my work is – and how it has changed my life and so many others and now it can change yours.  Jan-Marie


 Debra JarvisJan-Marie, after my relationship ended my finances were not in good shape.  After doing your process everything fell into place and I am now earning an excellent income, consistently. Thank you.  Debra Jarvis.